BluLeaf Naturals

BluLeaf Naturals is a pioneer in the rich heritage of Kentucky full-spectrum and THC Free CBD products. BluLeaf continually seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible with CBD oil and promote Kentucky’s farming communities. As BluLeaf Naturals was gearing to release new products, they wanted a refreshing and modern box design that would make their brand shine on retail shelves.

The Challenge

When BluLeaf approached us for box designs, the CBD and Hemp industry was beginning to explode. The problem with the CBD and Hemp craze was the inability to decide what the quality of any given product was. While most companies were trying to capitalize purely on profits with low-quality products, BluLeaf understood that they needed to stick to their guns and provide consumers with the highest quality CBD money could provide.

But how does one stick out in an industry where every product comes in a small brown dropper bottle with a generic white-label? You deliver it in quality packaging.

The Solution

We thought that it was great that every competitor in the CBD industry delivers its product in the same generic brown dropper bottle – BluLeaf will already stick out as a premium product by offering its oil inside of boxed packaging.

First, we tied up our shoes and hit the stores in Louisville, KY to look at all of the CBD box designs we could find on the shelves. Second, we took note of trends between CBD packaging and other health & beauty products. Then we met with BluLeaf to go over our findings and we settled down own a direction:

We wanted the packaging to draw attention to itself with a modern and minimal design. It needed to stick out on the shelves and showcase itself as a premium product. Here is what we came up with:

Agreed upon box mockup that was sent to printers. Custom Icons created to showcase the benefits of the BluLeaf Natural products.

The Result

In the end, we were able to deliver a product design that accomplished two things: 1) Provided a unique appearance and tactile feel for the consumer while differentiating it from other CBD products. 2) Encapsulated the BluLeaf Naturals brand into a finished box design. 

“Thank you so much! They are completed and look great. These boxes have taken us to a whole new level!”

Beverly McChesney

BluLeaf Naturals

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