Timber CBD

People who love the outdoors really love the outdoors. It’s a lifelong obsession filled with hobbies that can take a toll on the body as enthusiasts, like us, age. What if there was a product, derived from mother nature that could allow us to enjoy her in all her glory without the aches and pains? Timber was created to make every trail, slope, and ride pain and ache free.  Timber CBD’s brand had a position, but they didn’t have an identity. 

The Challenge

The CBD industry is filled with the same product and for the most part the audience falls within the same niche – Fitness & Wellness. For a Brand to really resonate and build a following, it needs to align with the desires of its intended audience. For Timber CBD, the audience is the hardcore outdoor enthusiast, a close-knit group of people who often share the best gear knowledge possible. Their goal? They want things to be more convenient, they want their gear to help them feel better longer on the next hike. They want their gear to keep them on the trails for another lap. 

The Solution

For the design, we decided to seek out natural colors like those you’d find floating in the trees on a cool fall afternoon hiking through the Appalachian Mountain Trail. The type we chose was bold and masculine to portray the ruggedness and thrill-seeker in each and every outdoor enthusiast. We chose a minimalistic design to reflect the choice to always hit the train with the minimal tools necessary, because to those who brave nature understand one thing:

“Carry as little as possible, but choose that little with care.” – Earl Schaffer, Author & Hiker of the Appalachian Trail

The Result

In the end, we were able to reflect the goals of design: 1) Connect deeply with the outdoor enthusiast and develop a brand identity that gives off a masculine and rugged feel. 2) Provide deep insights on design directions to the Timber CBD team so they could thrive in their chosen industry – The Great Outdoors. 

The Website

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